6 Creative Uses of Wallpaper Besides on Your Walls

When you come across wallpaper, the first thought that would cross your mind is wall right? I couldn’t blame you, the name says it all. Wallpaper is one way of bringing depth, design and texture to your home. But we shouldn’t limit ourselves to incorporating these beautiful creations to our walls alone. Let your creativity be in charge and open your minds to a lot of possibilities for these wallpapers. They are little geniuses if we let them play their potential.



Wallpapered Girl’s Bedroom Ceiling

Ceiling: Plain Jane no more. Why have your ceiling the same as everybody else’s when it can stand out? Ditch those neutral-painted ceiling and transform them into an interesting spot in your home. I’m sure you will be complemented by anyone for such bold move.


Wallpaper Rescues Furniture

Cabinets: Back it up. Most are just contented with having those cabinets, shelving and bookcases as it is. A little texture on their backs goes a long way and not hard to do either. Just tweak them by putting wallpaper on small panels that can be inserted into the back of these cabinets. This even gives you the liberty to change the design anytime. Pretty cool, right?



Framed Artworks: Be your own artist. Always wanted to be an artist but found out that all the things you do leads to abstract? Well this is your chance to channel your creative side, yes we all have one. Make those wallpapers your little inventions. It’s quite easy to do but choosing the right design, size and area to hang it with is still art. Go and be crazy with your artworks you little artist.



Lampshades: Not just a shade. Accessories like lampshades are not just functional but can add that certain bling you want in your home. Why not extend its design potential by accessorizing its shades with wallpaper? Inside or outside the shade is your call, it will either way make it stunning and this little trinket will project ingenuity all over your home.




Furniture: Feeling whimsy and want to switch up that plain furniture of yours into something new? You don’t have to buy a new one. Just get those wallpapers of yours and apply them on your tabletops, drawer fronts, wardrobes, desk doors or any furniture you have in mind. Make it as visible and possible and inspire creativity in your home.


This Old Apt

Stair Risers: Build up your imagination. Going up and down in your house doesn’t have to be dull and monotonous. Put wallpapers in your stair risers and be inspired with the designs you see, have a different design in every riser if you wish. Let those wallpapers invigorate not just your staircase but your mind as well.

Wallpaper has many uses and shouldn’t be enclosed in a specific function it was made for. Be resourceful enough to envision different things you can do with it. I’m sure your hand is itching right now to try out these ideas, so step it up and put those wallpapers into better use.