Home Office Lighting with OttLite

I consider myself a night owl. That means that I often do work late into the night at my workspace. I’ve been trying to change my habits but sometimes I really do produce the best when I know that others are winding down and my phone and emailing aren’t ringing and pinging. Unfortunately means that I am working in not the best light conditions all the time. I’m quite embarrassed to say that the lighting situation in my Brooklyn apartment isn’t quite ideal. Although I have many table lamps and my overhead lighting is extremely limited. I’ve switched out lamps and light bulbs but they all seem so yellow and as a designer I know the importance of lighting.

My Workspace

I recently rearranged my workspace and added an OttLite Crane Light to my workspace. OttLite was created by Dr. Ott, photobiologist and pioneer in natural light research. He sounded legit so I wanted to give it a try. He combined years of research to bring the quality of natural daylight to the indoors. What I really love about this light is that I am able to see colors more clearly and concisely because it is not giving off that yellow glow. As a designer this is huge! Check out my before and after. I think that they speak for themselves!


With the OttLite. The room is quite dark but my workspace is looking quite bright and crisp. Eyestrain no more!


My normal set up, eek! My desk lamp is on the right side and casting an eerie yellow glow. It basically looks like I’m sitting in the dark!

If you are interested in upgrading your lighting (or perhaps a special someone is! Holidays are coming!) you are in luck as OttLite is giving away 5 lamps to 5 lucky winners!

Enter to win the OttLite lamp of your choice – and win one for a friend!  5 winners will be selected from all the entries. (Contest is open from November 7 thru December 3, 2016).