An Organized Closet with Fitz


I have to confess that I’ve always dreamed of a perfectly organized closet. One you can step into and see everything clearly, pick the perfect outfit and be out the door. My reality has been a bit different. Living in a Brooklyn studio I’ve been blessed to have two large for NYC closets. I must admit that they haven’t always been the tidiest though. Change is on the horizon and I will be trading in my studio rental apartment for a space to truly call my own in South Williamsburg in the next few weeks. On my mind has been how to make my new closets work to its advantage and start myself off on a super organized foot. I knew that I was going to have to do a purge and re-assess my wardrobe and I wanted to bring in the professionals. Gladly there is such a service available, say hello to Fitz!


Fitz is an in-home closet organization and styling service, when I found out about them I said hellooo sign me up! Two of their stylists come to your home and organize and edit your closet all while offering style tips. It sounded like an absolute dream come true and was excited to partner with them!

I must admit that the day leading up to my Fitz Foundation appointment I started getting a bit nervous. As I am the sole user of my closets they are usually for my eyes only and I started getting antsy opening them up to strangers! When my stylists Ellie and Joana arrived all my worries melted away though. Once we started pulling my clothes from my closet I knew that I was in the best and most fashionable hands!



Step 1: Take it out!

We started by pulling all my clothes out of my closet and onto the rack that my stylists brought. It was helpful to see everything outside of my closet and then assess everything from there. Joana started making bags for items I wanted to donate and consign.

Joana was taking notes during all of this about what I may want invest in that was missing from my wardobe. I ended up donating a bunch of frilly blouses which we decided were just not my thing anymore. I ended up trying on a handful of items that I was on the fence about and they gave their opinion on fit and talked me through if I felt comfortable in it. It was helpful to have two extra sets of eyes and of course their super fashionable advice! I ended up donating a few frilly blouses that were a bit ill fitting and didn’t make me feel like the best version of me!


Step 2: Organize the keeps

After we went through all of my blouses and tops in my closet Ellie organized all the items I would be keeping my silhouette and color. Ellie also helped me with some styling ideas for items in my closet that I loved but wasn’t sure what to pair them with. I definitely left with some new outfit ideas that I’m dying to try out!


Step 3: Assess the situation

Ellie and Joana did the same thing with my dress closet as well as my dresser. They helped me get my folding down pat and recommended a handy steamer since ironing is not always on the top of my to do list.  They also recommended I switch out my bulky wooden hangers for a slimmer one. I would say that I am going to take all of their recommendations and work them into my new closet.

IMG_4796 (1)

Step 4: Fill in the holes

Ellie and Joana gave me some great recommendations post appointment. They followed up with a post appointment email and gave me a list of items that we talked about replacing. We decided to donate my one pair of white jeans and they followed up with suggestions in my price point that would be more flattering to my figure. It was nice receiving these after and shopping at my leisure so I didn’t feel pressured to buy anything on the spot. I’m definitely going to take their advice on my next shopping trips.


At the end of the three hours I was a bit exhausted but felt really empowered with my new organized closet and all the style tips that I had gleaned from my Fitz stylists! I felt confident that when I do pack everything up and move to my new apartment that I’ll be able to start with an organized closet!

This post was in partnership with Fitz in exchange for their services. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.