One Room Challange – Week 4


This week was all about wallpaper! I’ve been going back and forth if I want to do an accent wall which was the initial thought when I first painted the bedroom. After living with it for a while without the wallpaper I’ve really fallen in love with the color. This has puzzled a lot of people since I am a wallpaper designer and I don’t yet have wallpaper in my apartment. I guess this is a classic the cobbler has no shoes situation! I am definitely going to be adding wallpaper on the walls down the line (it is going to require a some renovations as my bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling!) but in the meantime I am still obsessed with the idea of putting my wallpaper in two large vertical frames to frame my mirror on my dresser. I am thinking metallic gold or copper frames and using my Unicorn Garden paper in the darker colorway.



I looked into a bunch of framing options this week. Off the shelf options are not an option as I plan to do an odd size so after a little browsing online threw that idea away. I stopped in a few vintage/thrift type stores in the neighborhood to see what sort of inventory they had but that was like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Next!

I also priced out some options with Framebridge. While I love their options and the service sounds amazing. Custom frames shipped free to your door? Yes please! When I picked out my frame and the measurements the total for 2 was $378 and I unfortunately don’t have that kind of budget for frames!



So whats a girl to do?! I’ve decided to go the DIY route! I’ve found some simple DIY’s online that involve decorative moudling, a miter box and saw and paint. So I’ll be making a trip to the hardware store and putting some elbow grease in! I am thinking that I am going to forgo glass at this point since I’ll be putting wallpaper in so that will also decrease the cost.



I also am also toying with the idea of making it look like  like decorative molding on the wall and not a frame at all! How gorgeous is the DIY’ed piece above?!

I am going to do a trip to the hardware store later tonight and check out the moulding in person. I’m leaning towards these options plus copper spray paint. Or should I go the same color as my walls? Decisions decision! We shall see! I’ll report back next week with the finished product as well as some photos of progress!