One Room Challenge Week 1

I am super excited to announce that I will be participating in the One Room Challenge this round! Over the next six weeks I will be taking you along as I transform my master bedroom in my new Brooklyn apartment.  I will be posting my progress every Wednesday, so be sure to check in each week!

I moved into my new apartment just a bit over two months ago but I have been focusing on doing small renovations that needed to be done asap in other parts of the apartment. I’ll be blogging more about those as well so stay tuned. Since I didn’t have a hard deadline decorating my bedroom was pushed to the backburner, until now!



Here is the listing photo. It was beige and pretty blah before I moved in!


Here is the other view with the closet. Excuse our pre-painting mess! It isn’t a huge space. It measures roughly 12.75″ x 10″ with the closet but as someone who has lived in an open studio for the past 7 years I am beyond excited to have a separate bedroom.

My Uncle came down the weekend before I moved in and graciously painted the entire the entire apartment as a housewarming gift for me. My aunt, cousin, dad and step mother came to help and assist with all my last minute packing. It was by the far the most amazing housewarming gift and I am still so grateful for all their help! It is usually considered a no no to choose paint before living in a space but since my timeline was so tight I took the risk and I have to say I am quite happy with the results!

256 S4th -Paint Guide

Here is the guide that I provided my uncle with as well as measurements so he knew what he was getting into 🙂

For the space I am focusing on creating a cozy yet luxuriously livable space. I am going to be reusing a lot of my existing furniture in the space and going to be focusing on how to maximize the square footage and create a nice flow. I’ll also be incorporating my wallpaper into the space but in a non-traditional way. Here is some of my inspiration for the space. Can’t wait to share my process!