One Room Challenge Week 3

It is week 3 in the One Room Challenge and exciting and terrifying all at the same time! The good news is that I have installed the curtain rods and put up the curtains on both the windows and the closet. Adding these elements really pulled the room together and I no longer have to change in the bathroom! #RealLifeProblems

I also made a big rug decision. I decided to go with this beauty from Rugs USA who so graciously partnered me with me on finding a rug for the challenge. It arrived and I adore it in the space!  The tassles add a fun touch and the neutral blues and taupes are perfect to add some pattern without overwhelming the space.



Here are some unstyled progress shots of the space! I can’t wait to shoot it in all its glory when it is finished! Btw, that is Pacha my persian cat below who makes an appearance! Its hard to see the hardware below but having the curtains makes all the difference in the world!



I also purchased this amazing Jewelry armoire that I am absolutely obsessed with! I was on the hunt for something to store my jewelry and makeup. I love a statement necklace and I am a bit of a makeup and product junkie and I had an overflow from the bathroom. It is the absolute perfect size and I use the lower drawers for my nail polish and makeup. I adore it! It comes in white, black, light blue, and a blush pink. I thought that the white was a classic look and I love how it fits in the space!



Next up is figuring out the artwork situation! As you can see my walls are bare! I plan on framing some of my wallpaper and I need to figure out the frame situation on that. I will most likely need a custom size and I am a bit worried about the timing on that but am going to do more research this week! Until next week!