2018 Goals

Hello 2018! I love to set goals at the beginning of the year. I always use the end of December as a time to reflect on the past year, e-organize my intentions, see what worked and didn’t and express gratitude for everything good and bad that has happened!

One // Start Learning Spanish

I’ve wanted to learn Spanish for years and I’m finally willing and able to take action.  I’m excited to say that I signed up for a 10 week beginners Spanish class that fits in my schedule! I’ve always had a limiting belief around foreign languages and I’m ready to turn it around.  I studied French for 8 years growing up and was an exchange student France for a month with a family when I was 15. I loved learning French but it never came easy to me. I had to work extra hard at it and I always felt subpar to my classmates who seemed to learn effortlessly.  I’d like to challenge this belief that I’ve been carrying around with me for the past twenty years this year and dip my feet in and see where I land!
Two // Trust in the Timing of My Life
Since I can remember I’ve always had a huge sense of urgency looming over my head. I’ve always wanted things completed fast and done on my timeline. I like to move quick, check off boxes and be in total control. This has benefited me greatly in certain areas of my life such are my work life and my business at times. I’ve come to realize in the past year that its actually done harm in other areas of my life. For example when I was in the process of buying my apartment I spent countless hours worrying about quite literally everything. In the end everything got turned upside down and I did end up buying an apartment but it was nothing like I envisioned from the beginning. Letting go of all my carefully curated plans was super hard and even towards the end I was gritting my teeth trying to stay in control when it was clearly a lost cause. My closing date kept getting pushed back and I closed two months late, my moving plans got mixed up and I had to move in and rent my apartment before closing. Its safe to say the timing of my life was so far off of my own personal timeline but it somehow all worked out in the end! I’d like to let go of my meticulously mapped out life that I’ve been curating in my head for as long as I can remember and go with the flow of whatever plan the universe has in store for me.
Three // Finding My Point of View and Voice
One thing I realized last year is that I got a bit muddled with what I wanted for my business and where I am taking it. I was honestly keeping it afloat because I didn’t want to quit and admit defeat. I spent the last few months of 2017 working through different ideas of where I want to take it in the new year. After lots of pondering I decided that I’d like to start curating more content for my blog and Instagram. I really love art directing, sharing my experiences, curating and building a like minded community. By doing this I’d like to hone my point of view and voice for my business which will in turn direct what types of patterns and products I’d like to roll out next.